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What is Sweet Métier all about?

Sweet Métier specializes in making bespoke cakes for your special occasions, which completely represents your personality. Apart from this we aim to showcase a collection of confections to satisfy your sweet tooth regardless of any special occasion.

What does Sweet Métier mean?

Having a pleasing disposition (pleasing to the mind; amiable; winning; pleasing to the senses; agreeable)

Métier \ met-YAY\
An area in which one excels or an activity which is pursued as a calling; an occupation for which one is especially well suited .

There could not have been a better name for a venture which was conceptualized when I was 15 years old.

What makes your products special?

We use only the highest quality ingredients such as Pure Vanilla Beans, Imported Belgian chocolate and Fruit Purees, Pure Dairy Butter (never hydrogenated oils or Margarines). We source our eggs from a vendor whose hens are on nutritionally rich and balanced diet which is all natural, instead of being on hormones or chemical stimulants. This gives our cakes that extra moistness, freshness and rich taste.
                     There is no use of synthetic essences in our products, so if it’s a Banana Cake or a Pineapple Cake then be rest assured that the flavor is because of the use of bananas or pineapples only and nothing else.
                    Apart from the ingredients, the bespoke cakes are all painstakingly hand crafted piece by piece, so when you place an order for one of our celebration cakes, consider it as commissioning a piece of art for yourself. 


How do you price your cakes?
Why do you not sell by weight?

Every cake at Sweet Métier is composed of several different ingredients, which go through a series of steps before being baked. So these cakes are very different than those at the regular bakery, hence the ‘price by weight’ system is an inaccurate gauge. For one of your customized cakes we take into account your serving portions and work out a cake size that is suited to your purpose. We put a lot of thought and effort for each of our customized projects and my final quotation takes into account the complexity and difficulty of the design.

How do I place an order for a customized cake?

Please use our contact form and send us your requirement , your order will be noted and then we will get back to you as promptly as possible to have a discussion about the kind of event you have, the flavor combination that you like, we would require a ball park idea of the number of guests you are inviting so as to suggest you the size of the cake for the occasion, then we will talk about the design elements of your cake, the color combination etc. Like I said, consider it as commissioning a piece of art .

How far in advance do I need to order for the customized cake?

Since I take my time with each client, understanding their needs and choices, and then the cake itself takes time to come together with all of the hand crafted elements on it ,hence I do not encourage rush orders. So please note that all customized orders are to be placed at least 3 weeks in advance.

What is the process for ordering the other confections you offer?

If you are not ordering the customized cake, then you can either use our contact form or simply give us a call stating the flavor of your choice and also the size. Please note that these orders are to be placed at least 2 days in advance. This is because we are booked every day so to accommodate your order we need 2 days notice.

How do I make the payment?

When ordering for one of our confections you are required to make the payment at the time of pick-up. As for the customized cakes , we need 50% deposit to secure a date on our schedule. We accept local bank transactions, Email us a copy of the proof of transaction and we will issue a confirmation email immediately when the transfer is complete. The balance of 50% is then paid at the time of pick-up. Orders once placed can not be cancelled.

Do you deliver?

Please give us some time as we are working at making things more convenient for our clients, but for now all of the orders are to be picked up from our location.


What is used to finish and decorate the cake?

All our customized cakes are covered with rolled fondant/sugar paste. It is a dough made out of sugar, corn syrup and just enough liquid for it to bind together. This can be colored in different shades with food coloring which is sourced from America. The Cake toppers or the design elements are all made from the same sugar paste. So every thing is completely edible.

What does it taste like?

Fondant tastes almost like a chewy candy. It can be flavored if you like. Although a very thin layer of fondant is placed on the cakes still if it’s too sweet for your palate, feel free to simply lift it off  and serve the cake on its own. It should come off clean and neat unlike cream-based icings.

How long does fondant last?

The fondant does not actually go bad. It’s the cake on the inside which needs attention.

Can I keep the sugar decorations if I do not want to eat them?

Yes, just gently lift it off the surface and wipe the bottom clean. Leave this to dry completely (it should take a couple of days if placed in a dry and cool area). Store in a clean dry cardboard box away from direct heat. A small packet of moisture absorber or some limestone will help it stay intact for years, never refrigerate them. These dry sugar pieces do not attract ants or other unwanted rodents if they are clean.

How do I serve my Sweet Métier Cake?

We recommend serving your cake at room temperature. The flavors and the texture is at its best when it’s at room temperature To serve at room temperature, remove your cake from the refrigerator at least 2 hours before serving. You may remove the cake up to 4 hours before serving, but should be cautioned that on a warm and humid it might make it too soft to be served.

How do I store my Sweet Métier Confections?

Our cakes and cookies are made with all natural ingredients and we do not use any preservatives. For the best flavor, we recommend eating them within 5 days from the day you receive your goods. However, here are some tips on how to keep them fresh and delicious for longer periods of time.

are best when consumed within the first week. Make sure that once the cake is sliced its transferred to an airtight container .They will last in the refrigerator for 5-7 days once cut.

our cookies taste best when enjoyed within 7 days from the day you receive them. The worst enemy of our cookies is the humidity hence the best way to store them is in an air-tight zipper bag or container, no need to refrigerate them but you may. Please keep in mind that before serving they need to be at room temperature, you may also put them in a microwave for just a few seconds.


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