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My Story

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

                                         Michelangelo Buonarroti
                                        Italian architect, painter, & sculptor

Creativity, is all about the vision of a thing which the artisan is about to create.
         It's the vividness of the vision which results into a masterpiece or else remains just any other, one of the many creations. Hence the talent doesn’t lie in the act of creating, it actually lies in the vision which sticks to the artisan’s mind from the time it is conceived till the time it’s created.
 This is my vision, my journey from conception to creation and my Sweet Métier.

Since the time I could handle my mother’s oven, her blender, cut, boil and blanch things, I have been cooking and creating something or the other. Everything about the kitchen, the pots, the pans, ingredients the complex recipes, attracted me.
          At the age of 15 I started my experiments and at 16 I prepared a whole Italian themed dinner with handmade lasagna sheets, gnocchi and cannelloni for my parents wedding anniversary.

My Borrowed Talents…

Its probably in my blood, my maternal grandmother was an immensely talented woman, creating everything artisanal, apart from being a great cook who would make my favorite mango ice cream in the summers. She was someone who used to design her 9 yard sarees by doing elaborate embroidery on them, she handcrafted puppets and dolls for her daughters to play with, designed and stitched their frocks and party dresses, knitted elaborate and complex sweaters for her children and later for her grandchildren and she used to create the most scrumptious meals for the entire family to relish and devour upon. She did it all…. 
In the arms of my Grandmother
 I specially felt that connection with her because she was the first person who encouraged me on writing and collecting my own recipes and told me that one day she would get my book published. This encouragement meant the world to me, I look up to her and even though she is not with me today, I know she blesses me and wants me to make her proud.

Celebrating my Birthday with my mother

My mother is a talented cook and baker as well, I owe everything to her, not just this she is someone who has a great sense of space with a flair for landscape and interior design, I got my aesthetics from her.
My father with me and my brother

I got the sense of proportions, perfection and the entrepreneurial spirit from my immensely talented and the eternal optimist father who is very good at visualizing things with great detail.
It's the privilege of being around such passionate and talented people which results in giving ones life a purpose and recognizing, that one thing which you were born for….

Honing The Skills…

 You need a lifetime to gain mastery over any one subject of your choice. As a business graduate who has worked in the corporate, I have gained some important experience from a completely different field of work and I can’t thank my education enough for giving me the right outlook.
The Gang at Sophia's

After gaining this invaluable experience I headed to Bombay and got selected in the course on baking at Sophia College, got a lot of encouragement from the extremely talented Chefs like Chef Iranpur from the Taj Palace who gave me the highest score for the wedding cake I had designed,  I also got an award for academic excellence by the college.
The Chefs at Taj Lands End
I was lucky enough to be selected by the esteemed chefs at The Taj Lands End Bombay for their Bakery and Pastry Department and worked there for some time.
                My aim is to keep honing my skills which are mainly self taught and are a result of a lot of hands on cooking and baking, and travel to all the places, where I can learn the real craft from the real artisans, who just love what they do.

My Sweet Métier …

My métier in life is to bake, cook and experiment with every possible ingredient and technique I can lay my hands on.
              Doing elaborate sugar craft work on my cakes is one of the areas of my interest, this is an art form which is not taught in India, whatever work you see on the cakes is all self taught with the help of books and the internet.
I hence start my lifelong journey of following my passion with these small steps, please come and make it special by being a part of it……
I would like to conclude My Story with a few lines written by my grandfather, it’s something that he followed all his life and something that I always keep in mind…

                                      क्या हार में क्या जीत में
                                      किंचित नहीं भयभीत मैं
                                       संघर्ष पथ पर जो मिले
                                      यह भी सही वह भी सही
                                         वरदान मांगूंगा नहीं

                                      Kya haar me kya jeet me
                                     kinchit nahi bhaybhit main
              sangharsh path par jo mile, yeh bhi sahi wah bhi sahi
                                     vardaan mangunga nahi

                                       (In defeat or in victory
                              fear is something that I never feel
                               In the path of my life’s struggle
                                I am ready to face any challenge
                      without waiting for any wishes to be granted)
                                                                Dr. Shiv Mangal Singh 'Suman'
                                                                (Padma Bhushan, Padma Shree)



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