Friday, March 25, 2011

Kosmos..In a Shot Glass

This name is inspired by the Greek word Kosmos, meaning order or harmonious system, the word is also applied to the universe..The challenge was to create a mouth watering harmonious dessert to fit inside a shot glass. What I came up with was four layers of texture and flavor ,not overpoweringly chocolaty and to be had after lunch, the order was for a corporate lunch for 30. 
When it came to keeping a name for the same, I just could not think of a simple one, it was becoming just too long, the thought was to fit all the four creations into one name and one shot glass. It was like fitting a universe of techniques, flavors, textures etc inside a shot glass of 30ml.Hence the light bulb moment occurred and the name Kosmos came into being, and because Cosmos is taken from the Greek word Kosmos the dessert just had to have a "K" instead of a "C"..



Ciccia said...

Looks simply delicious! I could eat it now! Greetings from Rome!

Poorva said...

Thank you so much Ciccia.. I am glad you liked it.