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Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Cake

Today, I thought of posting the cake I made for my wedding cake practical, this was the cake that fetched me appreciation and a top score by The Taj Mumbai Chef (Chef Iranpur)

We had about 5 days to decide the design, make all the sugar craft pieces and for them to dry before we assembled them all, and all this was supposed to be done after a very hectic exhibition week for which I had already done a set of 4 cakes. That's not all, the moment this practical ended we were supposed to get ready for our written examination, vivas and other practical exams. So all of this was made in such a hurry as other things required attention.

I guess when you are following your passion then everything else seems meaningless so whether you have to get up at 3 am to finish your half dried roses or apply that last strand of hair on the bride, without getting enough sleep and no food, you just do it.


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