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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New Beginning..

It has been long since I last posted and some great things have happened in between, I finally launched "My Sweet Métier". Its Diwali time in India and I interacted with lots of people by displaying my products at various Diwali Melas, and I already have a family of sweet little angels who stopped by and tried what I had so dearly prepared. Thank you everybody for your support. I would love to be a part of your special occasion. Oh ya, how can I forget the lovely kids who simply got lost in the Little Mermaid and Flounder I created and wanted a replica of the cake for their birthday. Every smile and every little word of appreciation is so worth the effort I had put in creating all this. I would love to share some picture from the exhibits.

This cake depicts a wedding dress with a hand sculpted rose as a hair accessory and the gold necklace, the butterfly waist band and the flouncy frilled dress with gold accented bows. This cake was specially liked by teenage girls. My next creation is something which was liked by both kids and adults, Its hand crafted Little Mermaid Theme Cake.

Fun At Exhibitions...

There were these customized cakes on display along with some moist and decadent Belgian Chocolate Cake, English Gingerbread Cake, Melt in your mouth Banana Chocolate Chip Cake, Choco-Chip Cookies and Belgian Chocolate Cream Caramels, all of these goodies were individually wrapped with their individual tags and product description

The Angels That Stopped By...

These were the happiest days of my life, as I got to showcase my work, looking forward to many more...


Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Cake

Today, I thought of posting the cake I made for my wedding cake practical, this was the cake that fetched me appreciation and a top score by The Taj Mumbai Chef (Chef Iranpur)

We had about 5 days to decide the design, make all the sugar craft pieces and for them to dry before we assembled them all, and all this was supposed to be done after a very hectic exhibition week for which I had already done a set of 4 cakes. That's not all, the moment this practical ended we were supposed to get ready for our written examination, vivas and other practical exams. So all of this was made in such a hurry as other things required attention.

I guess when you are following your passion then everything else seems meaningless so whether you have to get up at 3 am to finish your half dried roses or apply that last strand of hair on the bride, without getting enough sleep and no food, you just do it.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Love looks not with eyes but with mind,
and therefore is winged cupid painted blind.... William Shakespeare

Need I say more, enjoy these pictures of a chocolate bon-bon box, which I made for a client who wanted something small, sweet and special . It’s completely edible, made out of sugarpaste, to be further filled with some yummy handmade bon-bons.

The puppy topper is hand sculpted and stuck to the lid and edible.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The First Creation....

Finally the day has come when I would write my first post, it has been a roller coaster ride and I know that I am not getting off soon, with so many things to decide about my venture and the many trials that come my way almost every second, it sometimes feels endless. Now that some things are decided and done with I am taking a sigh of relief (for sometime), and post the pictures of a cake I created for my niece.

This was my first cake with sugarcraft work on it. The cake toppers are all hand sculpted with sugarpaste and the cake itself is covered in chocolate fondant. It was a Vanilla Bean Cake with Belgian Chocolate Ganache as filling.



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